Whether you're looking for a home church or visiting the Twin Cities, we invite you to join us at one of our worship services. As our guest, you can expect to:

  • be warmly greeted
  • participate in an engaging worship service
  • hear a challenging and relevant message from God’s Word
  • fellowship with a welcoming community of faith whose mission is to exalt God, share Christ, grow in Christ and serve through the Spirit.

If this will be your first time worshiping with us we realize that you might have questions about the worship services. Below are answers to some of the questions you might have; please let us know if you have additional questions.

When are worship services held? Worship services are held each Sunday morning and evening. We also have Bible study on Wednesday evenings. Visit service times or location informationfor detailed information.   

Please check our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/richfieldcofc when there is inclement weather to see if services are being held. 

Is communion served? Each Sunday, we partake of the Lord’s Supper to remember Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. During this memorial, the bread which symbolizes the body of Christ, is passed on trays throughout the congregation. Each participating person breaks off a piece of the unleavened bread and eats it. Then trays filled individual cups of the fruit of the vine (grape juice), symbolizing the blood of Jesus, will be passed. We leave to each person the decision to participate in the Lord’s Supper. 

Do you collect a financial offering? Following communion, we pass plates to receive financial offerings from our members. Some members choose to electronically give offerings. On occasion, we also take a special collection to help meet the needs of our community or global missions. 

As our guest, we ask that you consider completing a Guest Card available in each pew and place it in the plate so that we can follow-up with you and thank you for your visit. You are not expected to make a financial donation. 

Will prayer be part of worship services? Prayer is an integral part of our worship services. Prayers of thanksgiving and/or petition will be offered at the beginning of our services, during communion, before the message and at the end of our services. Please let us know if you have a specific prayer request on the Prayer Request Card (available in each pew) you complete and we will try to include it.

Is there a cappella singing? Yes. Churches of Christ have a long history of enjoying a cappella singing (singing without the use of musical instruments). Each week, our song leaders carefully select a blend of traditional and contemporary hymns that tie to the message. All are invited to participate in praising God through song.  

Does the minister deliver a message? Each week, our Minister or guest speaker will deliver a challenging and relevant message based on God’s word. At the end of the message, an invitation will be extended to those who wish to be baptized or request prayers of the congregation.  

What should I wear? Our members wear a variety of modest attire at our worship services. Women typically wear dress slacks, a dress or jeans. Most men wear business casual or jeans; a few wear suits.

Should I bring a Bible? We encourage you to bring your Bible in the format that is most comfortable for you. Some read Scripture from a print Bible while others utilize their smartphone or tablet. On occasion, Scripture is included in the church bulletin and/or is displayed on a projected PowerPoint slide. We also have Bibles in the pews for you to use.

Do you have Bible studies? We believe that Bible study is essential to spiritual growth. We invite you to participate in interactive Bible classes that have practical application.

  • RCC Kids (cradle roll, 2-3 year olds and elementary) — We offer engaging and interactive Bible classes focused on either the Old or New Testament. We hope your child visits RCC Kids Bible classes!
  • Teens Class (7-12th grade) — The RCC Teens Bible class is designed to explore timely and relevant issues facing teens. We invite you to visit our RCC Teens Bible class!
  • Young Professionals and Adults — Our auditorium Bible class is designed to engage and learn from multiple generations. We also have an interactive Bible study each spring and fall designed specifically for women.  

Questions? We hope you decide to join us for worship services. We would be delighted to get to know you. Should you have questions, please contact us via phone at (612) 869-2677 or email at richfieldcofcoffice@gmail.com.