Preferred consideration given to applications received by December 16, 2015.

Job Summary: Proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Serve the congregation in ministry along with the elders and lay ministry leaders.


1. Proclaim Jesus

  • Maintain a consistent discipline of prayer, study and reflection on the word of God. Seek the leading of the Holy Spirit to grow in the proclamation of Jesus as good news for the world.
  • Regularly support the church’s vision through the preaching of God’s word.
  • Responsible for preaching or coordinating preaching at worship services.
  • Coordinate with other worship leaders to plan and execute the congregation’s worship service including singing, prayers and communion.        
  • Provide a weekly preaching schedule including themes and Scriptures in advance as appropriate to facilitate a more unified worship and increased effectiveness in worship planning and creativity.
  • Assist with coordination of adult education. Teach Bible classes on a regular basis. Teach and mentor others in this role.

2. Inspire the Congregation

  • Deliver quality scriptural lessons that build up the body of the church and challenge the body to greater works of love and devotion to God.
  • Encourage missional living through preaching, teaching, and personal example.    
  • Be an important voice in the promotion of congregational endeavor.        

3. Provide Leadership

  • Meet regularly and participate fully in team meetings with the church’s Elders.
  • Work with other ministry leaders to plan, promote and coordinate events and community outreach opportunities for families and youth to work and serve together.
  • Continuously inspire, motivate, and lead the congregation to a higher level of commitment and devotion to serving and pleasing God.
  • Team with the Elders in leading theological refection in the church.
  • Effectively lead a discipleship group in support of the church’s mission.

4. Provide Spiritual and Pastoral Care

  • Ensure pastoral guidance is provided for church members and others in regard to their spiritual and mental wellbeing. Pastoral guidance sessions should generally be brief and free of charge with difficult cases being referred to trained professionals.
  • Officiate and provide pastoral care for funerals, weddings, and other settings as requested and based on availability.
  • Participate in coordination and visitation of the sick and shut-ins.
  • Collaborate with the Elders in managing a congregational crisis.

5. Represent This Church to the Community

  • Participate in community events and serve as a face of the church in the community.
  • Communicate to the community through interviews, face-to-face meetings, and other avenues as needed to express the voice and official position of the church publicly.
  • Network the church members and ministries into areas of community service as appropriate and consistent with the church’s mission.

6. Abide by the Church’s Office Expectations

  • Office hours will be maintained as mutually agreed between the minister and the Elders.
  • Be the editor of the bulletin. Assist in maintaining membership information.    

7. Education, Training and Experience  

  • Four-year bachelor’s degree required; graduate degree in biblical studies strongly preferred.
  • Special training in biblical studies, Christian ministry, and preaching required.
  • Have six years of pulpit ministry experience. 

8.  Knowledge, Skills and Experience        

  • Excellent people skills.
  • Passion for preaching and people.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Bible and the ability to apply biblical principles to current culture.
  • Ability to clearly and concisely communicate verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to inspire, guide and motivate.
  • Passion for evangelism, missions and missional living.
  • Committed to ongoing spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Personal Qualities        

  • Strong Faith – The Preaching Minister must demonstrate a passionate faith in God and be personally committed to his or her own spiritual growth and that of all members of the congregation. He must possess a strong commitment to the lordship of Christ, the leading of the Spirit, and the authority of Scripture. 
  • A Love for Family – The Preaching Minister must lead, love, and serve his family faithfully. Our young people must see this model of Christian family portrayed by our Minister.
  • A Love for This Church – The Preaching Minister, his spouse and children at home must be committed and positive members of the fellowship of believers at this congregation with an appreciation for its unique heritage and traditions. 
  • Relationships – The Preaching Minister must have the desire and ability to establish healthy, strong personal relationships with church members. This includes building rapport between the Preaching Ministry and other ministries of this church.
  • Continuous Personal Growth – The Preaching Minister must possess a deep desire for continuous personal growth. Examples of activities which might be pursued to achieve personal growth include personal study, continuing education, meditation time alone with God, attending conferences, seeking counsel of other ministers and seeking counsel of the elders. 
  • Wisdom in the Face of Criticism – The Preaching Minister will use personal wisdom as well as wisdom of others to effectively deal with and manage the inevitable criticism that is a part of public life and working to maintain a sense of humility and non-defensiveness.

Salary / Benefits: The salary will be negotiated and commensurate with one’s qualifications and experience. Benefits will include vacation, health benefits and a retirement savings plan with a match from the congregation.
How to Apply: Interested candidates should submit an application package containing a cover letter, a résumé, two sermons (links to podcasts), and list of three professional references. Failing to send all of the requested documents will be considered an incomplete application and will not be considered. Review of applications is ongoing and interviews will be scheduled as appropriate. 

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